Studio 451's mission is to facilitate the creation process for the maximum number of artists and producers.

Team work and art work is the key of our philosophy. The studio's directors are active musicians in the musical scene and that is giving a completely new sense to the expression: music industry. Actually, the company's vision is to promote art by offering a professional musical environment to the largest number of artists. That's what we're proposing to you today!

A little bit more info

Different terms are possible to suit your needs: demos, pre-production, album recording, etc. We also offer excellent services in post-production (film and television) and advertising. Our wide selection of compressors and outboard gears is sure to suit your creative and technical needs. All reasonable demands will be considered in order to feed your creation. If needed, on staff musicians, technicians, engineers and producers are available. All our different sound engineers are experienced in the music industry and reached high degrees in sonorisation. They have both musical and technical experience and they all worked with renowned artists. With them, recording sessions are efficient and comfortable so everyone's goals can be reached.

At Studio 451 you will find a lounge with kitchen, a fully automatic SAECO espresso/cappuccino machine, a completely renovated private terrace and lots of space to relax. A bank safe is on site to protect your masters and other precious items (3 years max). Since the equipment is often very heavy, an elevator will help you bring everything from the street to the live room. We even offer lodging possibility !

Our comfortable environment with 8 soundproofed rooms (booths) with air-conditioning are all equipped with windows and a flatscreen network so musicians can keep a visual contact with each other and with the control room while they record live. Music groups will surely appreciate the large and beautiful live room on two levels (with mezzanine) of 26 feet x 24 feet (20 feet high ceilings). This room also holds our new Yamaha Grand Piano (black polished finish, 7 foot and a half).

We are proud to offer the best control room in Montreal and among the best in the world ! We work on one of the few SSL 9000 J (96 channels) consoles in the world and our custom analog 56 channels (4 stereos) / 32 bus AMEK Mozart console (MZ-15-RN TLA) is equipped with Neve pre-amps and Eqs. These are the same consoles the biggest artists use: U2, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Céline Dion,etc). We record to the latest version of ProTools© HD-3-accel from Digidesign (48 In / 48 Out), a MAC G5 (with «glyph» external disks), we offer analog and digital equipment that will blow you away and a wide range of the best mics. A unique space for you and your music !

Some of Studio 451's specialties
The very last version of ProTools©, a 96 channels SSL 9000 J console, a custom-made AMEK Mozart console with NEVE pre-amps and EQs, the very best control room in Montreal, Genelec 1033-A wall mounted speakers (also 1032 and 1031), custom-made headphone system build specially for the studio and offering up to 24 separate mixes, natural reverberation rooms, the studio was designed by an electro-acoustic ingeneer (Jean-Luc Louradour), a booth for a 9 foot grand piano, the possibility to link Studio B with the main live room of Studio A (for a small extra charge), AES system in studio A and B, a wide variety of microphones, total of booth space of 2,000 square feet, etc.

The entire studio is equipped with Canare Star-Quad or Mogami cables in all formats. Both studios (A&B) are compatible and easy to switch from one to another due to swappable hard-drives, similar computers and reference monitors. (Studio A: Genelec 1033-A & 1031-A, 1032 in Studio B). All the studio's monitors are also used as an eye-contact system for musicians. They are installed in booths and in the live room & control room and easy to set up.

VIP listening sessions
Studio 451 is offering 'VIP listening sessions'. Previously dedicated to a lucky few, Studio 451 is now offering you this new service. If you're looking to present your new album to the medias or your audio tracks to business partners, take advantage of the very best control room in Montreal to promote your most recent recordings. Bar & catering services are also available to make this experience unforgettable for you and your guests. Contact us !

Pricing etc
We propose a wide variety of services and we offer packages for all budgets. If you find a better price for the same recording quality, we'll propose you the same deal. Please call us to book your dates.

Upon availility: special night fares, amps and instruments are optional, Studio A NEVE mic-pre 1073/1084 are optional for Studio B.

Ask for more info on our international packages and lodging possibilities.

What to do in Montreal?
If you plan a trip to Montreal for your recording project, we'll be glad to help you find the best place to stay, to have a drink and to have fun. There are a lot of great attractions in Montreal like the Jazz Festival, F1 Grand Prix, Cirque du Soleil, Old Montreal, the Mont-Royal hill in the center of the city, the numerous restaurants of international reputation, etc. Visit Tourisme Montreal to know everything on this beautiful european city in North America.

Office space available
On the second and third floor, you will find high-class soundproofed office space to rent. Located in the business premises of one of the best recording studios in Canada (Studio 451), there are numerous advantages for recording companies and distribution companies, for radio stations, artist managers, music and film producers, post-production companies as well as publicity area, movie industry, telecommunications industry, etc. Approximately 3000 square feet per level, the third floor is hooked up on T1 lines providing extremely high speed internet and communications. Kitchen, conference room, two washrooms on each floor. Modern look with window separations and horizontal binders installed. Terrace. Located on De L'Eglise street near Wellington, very near the St-Laurent river and next to the metro station (De L'Eglise). 10 minutes from downtown with an easy access to the highway. Revitalized area with new restaurants and stores.

Visits are possible any time. Call 514-766-4510 and ask Martin Avon or Alain Avon !
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The most impressive console in the world is now is available in Montreal! This all-new Suite gives you access to the total recall 96 channels SSL 9000 J console, to a new control room design, new... View More
The Mozart (Studio B)
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