April 4, 2010 - Welcome to 'The Bank', your new professional audio recording !
One of the few 9000 J SSL consoles is in operation at Studio 451.

Studio 451 is YOUR new professional audio recording in Montreal, Canada! This famous recording studio of 6 500 square feet was re-opened, completely renovated and re-equipped under a new administration in 2004 which is completely independent from the previous one. The studio's nickname 'The Bank' is more than appropriate because it was built in an old bank where all safes are still used to store microphones, valuable equipment and even masters! With major investments done in the last 5 years (1.5 million dollars since 2004), this creative environment is one of the top studios in the world ! With a 96 channels SSL 9000 J console, Studio 451 is now a destination of choice for foreign producers. Here's what famous producer Mark Howard had to say about it:

«I had great results working at 'The Bank' (Studio 451). The new SSL battleship sailed smooth and sounded great. I think others will be quite impressed with the sound of the rooms and the piano. There are endless possibilities for getting great sounds.»
-Mark Howard, producer

With all its different recording environments, this musical complex satisfies all needs and budgets. In addition to the SSL 9000 J console, Studio 451 is reknowned for its collection of top mics, numerous soundproof rooms, its control room of superior quality, Yamaha C7 Grand Piano in perfect condition and all its brand new equipement. Take the tour !
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The SSL Suite (Studio A)
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